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think circular

ACATEL Ecodesign

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think circular

ACATEL GreenTech

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Good Earth Cotton®

Preserve the quality and authenticity of your cotton by leaving a positive footprint for the future.


Using this indestructible technology, we guarantee the authenticity of your product and the ability to bring a piece of history to your customer.


E*Retrace30 is the perfect junction of fibertrace technology with the use of post-industrial harvested waste from Grupo Impetus and Ecovero.

Lenzing Ecovero

At the end of their life cycle, our fibers can re-enter the ecosystem, preparing the ground for new plant growth.


This certification is a guarantee of a circular economy, which sets standardized requirements for chemicals that impact the environment and people.


Did you know that it is now possible to dye textiles using DNA from plants and animals in an efficient process without using harmful residues?

Make it Bio

“Make it bio” is the purpose of social, environmental and economic sustainability, which involves conscious choice in all stages and processes, on a path to sustainability and circularity of components.

Vegetable-based dyes

Recalling the technology but with a vegetable formulation, we bring our colors to life through a natural process with vegetable-based dyes.