Design, digital and conventional printing

Stamping thin fabrics and knits


Office of design and creation, which develops its own collection to customers ando to participate in fairs, such as Première Vision.

Digital Printing

Reactive digital printing machines, with capacity of 6000 m/day, which prints directly on woven or knitted, cotton, viscose, lyocell, modal (etc) with a similar leak as traditional ones.


Conventional Printing

Capacity for 25 000 m/day.

Equipped with 2 rotary machines (for 12 colors and 8 colors) and 1 mixed machine (8 colors -flat / 3 colors- rotary).

Prints all conventional printing technics by meter, on all types of raw material (knit and woven fabrics), such as reactive, discharge, pigment, disperse, acid, burnout, glitter, wet effect.

Printing house has a colour kitchen that provides reliable colors and optimize resources. Properly equipped laboratory for the development of strike-offs, with very fast response.

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