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  • Project 32879 - PDF Innovation Project Project designation: INTEX - INNOVATION ON TEXTILES Project number: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-032879 Main objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs Region of intervention: North Beneficiary: ACATEL - ACABAMENTOS TÊXTEIS S.A. Approval date: 30-11-2017 Starting date: 15-06-2017 Conclusion date: 31-12-2019 Elegible cost: 2.193.743,90 EUR European Union finantial support: FEDER 1.096.871,95 EUR   Objetives and expected results: Development of innovating fabrics for new market segments, automotive and sports, based on new dyeing processes, digital printing and new finishes, through the adoption of systems and equipment of strong technological innovation.   Result indicators: Indicator I1 (post-project values) - Gross Added Value - 6,822,445.17 Indicator I2 (post-project values) - Qualified Employment Creation - 20 Jobs; Indicator I3 (post-project values) - Turnover - 14,072,500.00 € Project 42721 - PDF Formation Project Project Designation: INTEX - INNOVATION ON TEXTILES Project number: NORTE-06-3560-FSE-042721 Main objective: Promotion of sutainability and quality of employment Region of intervention: North Beneficiary: ACATEL - ACABAMENTOS TÊXTEIS S.A. Approval date: 18-04-2019 Starting date: 15-06-2017 Conclusion date: 14-06-2019 Elegible cost |61.725,77 EUR European Union finantial support: FSE – 22. 073,84 EUR   Objectives and expected results: With the development of this project, ACATEL iontends to create conditions for for the company's growth through the optimization of the production process and internal management, allowing the creation of new products that comply with cliente’s requirements, complementing technology investments with the increasig HR competencies.   Outcome indicators to be achieved within the project are as follows: Degree of compliance with the activities provided for in the training plan, measured by the ratio between the number of training hours scheduled and the number of training hours carried out under the project (%): 100%; Percentage of employees considered more suitable for innovation and management by survey method as compared to the total number of employees covered: 100% Project 298 - PDF Innovation Project Project nº: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-000298 Support under the SI Incentive System Productive Innovation Project Designation: Fantastic Colors Eligible Cost: 1,123,128.31 Financial Support: 673,876.99 Project Synthesis: ACATEL currently provides dyeing and dyeing services to the garment and has an open and tubular finishing line, using conventional processes in its pigment printing process. In the scope of the project, the company intends to move towards the use of digital stamping. The company, within the scope of this project, aims to adopt new organizational methods, introduce new products in the market and innovate in terms of design and marketing. The proposed project also aims to diversify its range of products, with the introduction of more technical products, with greater incorporation of Know-how and with greater added value, that until then was not possible to the company. According to the promoter, the custom stamping line will allow to increase the range of materials in which it will be possible to apply direct stamping, allowing the use of different fibers, namely cellulosic (cotton, viscose, modal, bamboo, Lenpur and lyocel). ACATEL currently only has the capacity to stamp synthetic fiber materials (Polyester). Investment results: • Investment made: € 1.138.841,02• Incentive received:  € 640.183,14   Result indicators achieved: • Turnover: € 11.397.592,94 (+ 11.4%)• GVA: € 5.018.459,45 (+5,4%)• Nº of workers HQE 20 (+7)   Qualification Project Project No .: POCI-02-0853-FEDER-000943 Support under the SI Incentive System Qualification of SMEs Designation: Sustainability ColorsApproval date: 31-08-2015 Starting date: 11-05-2015Conclusion date: 10-05-2017 Eligible Cost: 275,104.00 Financial Support: 123,796.80 Project Overview: The company ACATEL Acabamentos Têxteis, SA dedicates itself to the dyeing, finishing and stamping of knits or confectioned parts. This project, based on the typologies of organizational innovation and management, digital economy and ICT, brand creation and design, development and engineering of products, services and processes, quality, knowledge transfer, distribution and logistics and eco innovation, aims to: • Implement control and production management software that allows the interconnection of all production areas (from dyeing to the outbound warehouse, dispatch of orders), with information collection terminals. Its main functionalities are in the strict planning and control of the production, the management of stocks with reports for the integration of the modules of commercial management and obtaining of a set of indicators that will allow a management by objectives and by individualization of processes. In addition, a new productive layout (with workplace organization) will be implemented, reflecting the new business model that the company plans to implement (finished mesh sales). • Develop a website for the promotion of new products and the addition of an online store. • Create a brand and our own collections, using technical advice for the new products: digital printing with GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) products produced in organic cotton (organic), digital printing in ecological fibers, - digital and traditional printing and prints for women's fashion. • Strengthen the quality control laboratory with equipment for conducting physical and chemical tests, allowing to test the viability of the products. • Implement the Quality and Environment Integrated Management System according to the norms NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and NP EN ISO 14001: 2012. • Acquiring skills, through the transfer of knowledge, in the field of functionalising finishes in stamping on cellulosic fibers. • Obtain the OEKO-TEX eco-label for the new product range, obtain Bluesign certification by prioritizing the ecological trail (environmental standards) with a global seal of approval for environmental, health and production safety and certification by the GOTS standard in order to guarantee the biological status of the textile product in order to guarantee the credibility for the consumer of being a natural textile (organic fibers), environmental and socially responsible throughout the production chain. • The company in the pre-project only indirectly exports and intends in the post-project to reinforce these indirect exports and to directly enter the markets of Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany. Objectives / Results: Conclusion date: 02-05-2017Investment made: € 197.072,47Eligible investment: € 197.072,47Non-refundable incentive received: € 63.264,54 Direct turnover from abroad (sales + services): • 2015 2,9% (1.5% of sales)• 2016 12,7% (7,3% of sales)• 2017 15,9% (10,1% of sales)• 2018 10,2% (4,7% of sales)• 2019 14,9% (11% of sales) The objectives were met in terms of certifications, investment in innovation, increase in qualified employment and impact on the economy and regional competitiveness.   Internationalization Project Project No .: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-001142 Support under the SI Internationalization Incentive System Designation: Sustainability ColorsApproval date: 31-08-2015Starting date: 18-05-2015Conclusion date: 30-04-2017 Eligible Cost: 307,933.49 Financial Support: 138570,07 Project Overview: Established in 1985, ACATEL specializes in Dyeing and Finishing services and was certified in 2002 by the EN ISO 9001 standards. Throughout its growth, the company focused on expanding its facilities and installation of units to improve production, having applied for several under the IMIT Program and reaching the highest turnover register (€ 9.2M) in 1995. Environmental Certification (EN ISO 14001) was also obtained in 2012. ACATEL intends to remain the company of choice, betting on the creation of the product itself, increasing the profitability of the company through the innovation of technological production processes and continuous experimentation of new solutions and / or changes to the processes. The goal is to provide customers with the best solutions in the area of ​​operation through: (i) innovative services; (ii) global capacity; (iii) and option for differentiated services / services per client.   At the level of internationalization, the entity aims at a diversification approach, by launching new products and simultaneously entering new markets. (Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany). The company does not have experience in direct external relations, however, in its Turnover were included the transactions that indirectly contributed to the increase of tradable activities (ACATEL sells its products to agents that export directly to the final customer). Thus, it intends to pass its 100% representation in the national market to 95% and 5% to the international market. Taking into account its vision, mission and strategic objectives, the entity defined, among others, the following strategic objectives: • Constant and continuous innovation; • Creation of own collections with the brand ACATEL; • Strengthening of resources (communicational, human, financial, etc.); • Conquer 5 new (international) markets; • Development of management skills; • Obtaining eco-labels. In order to achieve the defined strategic objectives and to put into practice the internationalization approach, the entity intends to execute actions within the following typologies of the operation: • Knowledge of external markets: Through participation in international fairs as a visitor or exhibitor, such as the "Municg Fabric Strart" fair, with the aim of gaining international visibility and promoting business meetings that allow the creation of an international turnover; • Prospecting and presence in international markets: Several prospective trips are planned for the target markets in order to continually gain new customers; • International Marketing: Development of promotional material for use in fairs and prospective actions in order to provide better visibility of the entity's products, brands and services; • Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices or external relations: The entity aims to hire two highly qualified technicians in order to ensure a better promotion of the ACATEL brand; With the internationalization plan, the entity's goal is to increase total turnover by approximately 3,013 million euros between 2013 and 2018, from 10,234 million to 13,247 million euros respectively. Objectives / Results: Conclusion date: 28-04-2017Investment made: € 256,684.35Eligible investment: € 159,478.76Approved non-refundable incentive: € 71,127.12 Direct turnover from abroad: • 2015 2,9%• 2016 12,7% • 2017 15,9%• 2018 10,2% • 2019 14,9% Expected export intensity: 69.82% Export intensity achieved: 77.6% The objectives were also met regarding investment in innovation, increase in qualified employment and impact on the economy and regional competitiveness.   Research and Development Project Project No. 47039 24/SI/2018 - Incentive System for Corporate R&D - RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES Operational Program: Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program Thematic objective: OT 1 - Strengthen research, technological development and innovationProject name: "AcaVale - functionalization in high performance textile articles"Project code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-047039Beneficiary entity: ACATEL - ACABAMENTOS TÊXTEIS S.A.Approval date: 28-02-2020Start date: 31-08-2020Completion date: 31-08-2021Total eligible cost: 20,000.00 EURFinancial support from the European Union: FEDER 15,000.00 EUGoals:In this project, ACATEL intends, through the contracting of specialized services, to develop nanocomposites based on natural raw materials and with a low impact on the environment, which make it possible to give textile substrates a high resistance to heat and flame. The products developed must have high compatibility between different textile fibers in order to create cross-cutting solutions to clothing textiles and technical textiles. The application methods must meet the conditions/properties required for application in the machinery park available at ACATEL.
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  • The company’s concern with the organisation, the environment, hygiene and safety of personnel and social responsibility has led to various certifications:   - OKO-TEX for dyeing and printing in 1992 and 1994, respectively; - GOTS Certification in 2012; - Partnership with Bluesign in 2012; - Company according to the requirements RTM-CTW - INDITEX; - Company adhering to the ZDHC commitment; - Quality control laboratory certified by NEXT; - Quality control laboratory certified by BODEN; - ISO 9001 in 2002 for company management; - ISO 14001 in 2012 for environment; - MTD 2011 (1st stage audit by Apcer) for hygiene and safety and compliance with applicable laws; - Acatel joined the National Network of Social Responsability of Organisations (RSO); - Integrated information system for full traceability of all processed products; - Has been a SME Leader since 2009 and was a SME Excellence in 2010, 2014 and 2016.
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