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About us

We are not just a service company

Our clients, throughout almost 40 years of existence, recognize the quality and professionalism of the many services we provide.

We want to be the best option to our clients.

Innovation &


#sustainability and #innovation are already keywords in what represents us.


Thus, consciously, at this moment we have a dyeing capacity of 20,000Kg/day! Doing what we do best has never been so natural!


We are prepared to give color. In ACATEL in a #sustainable and #innovation perspective, we develop new colors, new products and new processes. Our installed capacity for Dyeing by the piece is 2,000 kg per day, for an annual production of 650,000 kg with low impact for the environment!


Creative development has no limits and ACATEL is recognized by its customers for the quality of services and capacity for innovation. With a yearly capacity of 8 125 000mt, our daily print shop has a capacity of 25 000mt!


If on the one hand #innovation is making textile more creative and #sustainable, on the other hand it is revolutionizing through finishes that confer functional properties. In ACATEL we have an installed capacity of 50 000mts/day dedicated to finishing!

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